Alacrity Business Advisory Pvt. Ltd.

T H E    E A G E R N E S S    T O    A C C O U N T    F O R    S U C C E S S

We are what we repeatedly do.

Offers skills to varied type of clients ranging from corporate sector, public sector undertakings, banks, charitable institutions, small and medium level firms and individuals. The mode of working depends on the business needs of each organization, which are then separately assessed and the solutions tailored as per their requirements.

As the firm brings within its fold a broad range of clients operations, the partners and employees have been able to benefit from various practical experience as in System Study, Management Consultancy, Taxation (both Direct and Indirect), Financial Accounting, Payroll Accounting, Corporate Audit (Internal, Statutory and Management) and bank audits.

Business needs of each organization are separately assessed and solutions unique to each different environment is provided.